Taiwan’s Brain Navi to bring its NaoTrac Neurosurgical Robot to Middle East

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Desk Reporter
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Taiwan-based leading surgical robot manufacturer, Brain Navi has entered into a strategic partnership with the global medical devices company, Medtreq Medical Equipment in order to expand the distribution of the Surgical Navigation Robot, NaoTrac, to the Middle East region.

The company said in a statement that “the distribution of robots will be expanded throughout the region of GCC region, Jordan, Egypt plus other countries in the Middle East and the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, which will be covered by Medtreq branch in the Philippines.”

NaoTrac is a CE-certified and local government approval neurosurgical navigation robot from Brain Navi Biotechnology. “It is embedding dissimilar technology named SMART Technology which combining machine vision and in-house algorithm to perform robot-assisted surgery, to streamline surgical procedures with real-time imaging and minimal invasive outcomes,” the company added.

Sherif Bayoumy
Sherif Bayoumy
GM – Medtreq

“We are always scouting for the new technology to help as many people as we can. We have many neurosurgeons coming from Riyadh and some other territories keening and willing to learn more about this technology, and the NaoTrac from Brain Navi is one of them. We are always happy to partner with an innovative technology company.”

The collaboration between Brain Navi and Medtreq enables greater innovative outcomes in Middle East neurosurgery, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, and some of the other countries, helping to streamline surgical procedures, improve surgical accuracy and transfer knowledge to reduce learning curves.

Mr. Jerry Chen, CEO of Brian Navi Biotechnology, said that, “We seek strategic partners that can accelerate Brain Navi’s growth mission. This partnership is a significant step toward scaling our business and getting more robot-assisted neurosurgery into the world.”

“The collaboration between Metreq and Brain Navi is looking positive because we share the same mission to innovate with technology to make life bright. We truly believe that the collaboration between Brain Navi and Medtreq can maximum the value of both sides to bring neurosurgery to the next level,” Mr. Chen added.

Metreq Medical Equipment

Medtreq Medical Equipment provides professional technical support and after-service to clients in the MENA region with a presence in Bahrain and GCC, Egypt, North Africa, Turkey, Europe, the United States (Medtreq Tenessee USA), and the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Medtreq is built on high values, principles, and social commitment to society and humanity.

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