Abu Dhabi Digital Authority orders iOS users to remove Apple Mail App

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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iOS Devices | Representational Image

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority has put out a notice advising iOS users to remove the pre-installed Mail app on their gadgets.

A precautionary notice has been issued due to the identification of vulnerabilities in the app that a security researcher claims to endanger users’ data to hackers. Reports noted that the bugs in context allow attackers to send malicious emails to users, who unconsciously give the hackers control of the device by clicking on the emails.

The Abu Dhabi authority advocated that users opt for alternative mail apps until Apple puts out a patch to correct the security matters raised.


A how-to video was also posted online by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Abu Dhabi, showing how users could block the app on their phones and download substitute options from their App store.

On Friday, the tech giant replied to reports, saying they did not believe the issues raised posed a critical risk to users. They did, however, confirm that they were working to fix the bugs in their next software update.


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