66% of Indian expats intend to invest more in UAE: HSBC poll

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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According to British multinational investment bank HSBC’s new Global Indian Pulse report, two-thirds (66 percent) of Indian nationals living in the UAE intend to increase their investments in the UAE over the next three years.

The survey report said that the investment intentions of global Indians in the UAE are significantly higher than the global average of 59 percent of expatriates who plan to invest in their country of residence as they are upbeat about their life in the host country.

“Global Indians in the UAE are in a good place – most are happy (84 percent), safe (88 percent), and financially secure (72 percent), and despite the upheaval of the pandemic, the majority are feeling optimistic about the future,” said the HSBC report.

The survey, conducted by industry research firm Ipsos, is claimed to be the most comprehensive cross-border research of its kind into global Indian attitudes and motivations around their growing investments and connections back to India. Ipsos interviewed 4,152 global Indians in nine markets (USA (823), Canada (395), UK (1,004), Saudi Arabia (151), UAE (1,051), Hong Kong (75), Singapore (439), Malaysia (103), Australia (111)).

The primary investment targets of Indian expats in the UAE are real estate, stock markets, and private enterprises, according to the statement.

Abdulfattah Sharaf
Abdulfattah Sharaf

“UAE is home to the largest number of Indians abroad (3.5 million). Our study delves into the deep connection global Indians maintain with India, but also with the UAE. India is already the UAE’s second-largest trading partner and as both economies continue to prosper and grow so will the ambitions of Indian entrepreneurs, businesses, and High Net Worth Individuals based here. Supporting all of our customers around the world – sovereign, corporate, and personal – on their respective journeys is part of HSBC’s own commitment to helping lead the transition to a net-zero global economy.”

Property is the most important investment area for 56 percent of global Indians in the UAE who took part in the poll, followed by stocks and shares (40 percent). Investing in UAE enterprises is especially essential to 51 percent of affluent expat Indians, demonstrating the depth of many wealthier global Indians’ commitment to the Emirates.

According to the survey findings, sustainability plays a major role in Indian investors’ decision making, with more than four-fifths (78 percent) of UAE Global Indians saying environmental and social initiatives including electric cars (39 percent), recycling (35 percent), and skills development (34 percent) are key parts of their decision making when investing in the UAE.

“Indians in the UAE also back technology and tourism as the sectors most likely to perform strongly in the UAE over the next decade or so. They are most likely to be planning to increase their investments for financial reasons, but over a third are motivated by wanting to promote positive change in the UAE. This illustrates the sense of commitment that many Indians have towards their host country,” said the report.

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