Dubai-based Averda to handle waste management facility of Saudi Red Sea project

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Red Sea Project
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Saudi Arabia’s mammoth tourism project developer, The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has appointed Dubai-based Averda to run a facility, which handles construction waste of the Kingdom’s giga-project.

According to the reports, Averda will handle waste generated from 16 luxury hotels across five islands and two inland resorts being built during the project’s initial phase. Phase one includes 3,000 hotel rooms, a new international airport, a yacht marina, leisure and lifestyle facilities as well as supporting logistics and utilities infrastructure, including more than 80 kilometers of new roads.

“All forms of waste generated by this enormous undertaking have been considered in the design of the waste system,” Red Sea Development Company said in a statement.

The tonnes of rubble, rock, and concrete generated by the construction of the foundations, buildings, and infrastructure are sorted and treated by special machinery which transforms them into smaller particles. These are then being reused for other purposes, such as aggregate for building roads, the company stated.

Household waste such as glass, plastics, cans, and paper will be collected separately, checked, sorted, and transformed into new products by local recyclers.

Organic waste from the developing town will be transformed into compost, which will be used to fertilize a one million square meter landscape nursery that offers more than 15 million plants to landscape the project.

Any remaining waste that is non-recyclable and non-compostable will be incinerated in dedicated facilities. The ash produced from this process is then used in the brick production.

Malek Sukkar
Malek Sukkar
CEO – Averda

“We talk of waste management, but here, nothing is being wasted. The easy answer could have been that zero waste to landfill is impossible, especially in the emerging world, especially in a new development that does not have the tradition to divert waste.  The easy answer could have been that we are next to deserted areas and people would not notice the difference.  Another easy answer would have been we don’t have the budget. The right answer however was there: We need to do it because we are building something different, something that will be a guide and benchmark for future development in KSA and beyond.  The commitment made and the promise delivered; we at Averda are immensely proud to be a part of it.”

“The facility allows us to facilitate waste segregation at every one of the construction sites across the development, followed by the collection and then repurposing and recycling of the waste by Averda’s team. This waste management asset creates a new benchmark for largescale development projects in the Gulf region and globally,” commented Ian Williamson, Chief Projects Delivery Officer of The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC).

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