Netflix may add ‘sleep timer’ on Android, prepares for testing

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Netflix for Android is preparing to test a new feature that will enable its users to set a sleep timer to stop the video playback automatically after the limit. But there is no information on when it will be launched.

According to the mobile software development community, XDA Developers the update appeared during the APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android v7.82.1.

Currently, there’s no such feature for Netflix to go to sleep unless the autoplay is turned off, it will stop playing once an episode of a series or a movie ends. The app will also ask the users “Are you still watching?” if it notices the user watching two episodes in a row without using any player controls. As per sources, the sleep timer update is built on this feature.

The report by XDA developers states that there is no information available about the new feature update other than the “sleep timer button,” so the exact functions or availability is still not clear and the launch of the feature may take a long time, it further added.

Currently, Netflix lets its users set a screen timer on smartphones so the app will automatically stop after a fixed hour of usage. The app also allows viewers to disable the autoplay so that the continuous playback of the episodes or movies will be stopped.

The XDA developers say that the new sleep timer button will be made available on the user interface of Netflix. If launched the feature will be helpful for those Netflix users who often fall asleep while watching shows or movies.

Last month, XDA Developers spotted an audio-only mode Netflix Android has been testing. The feature will allow video playback when the app is minimized or when the phone screen is locked. This feature is already available for iPhone users through background play.