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Amazon calls on US approval to deploy over 4,500 additional satellites

American eCommerce giant Amazon is seeking permission from US communications regulators to launch more than 4,500 additional satellites as part of its plan to...

US President cancels Trump’s executive order against social media platforms

US President Joe Biden has officially canceled an executive order released by former President Donald Trump that had directed regulators to limit liability protections...

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos clash over real estate in outer space

The world’s two richest men are arguing it out before US regulators over real estate in space for their satellite fleets. Elon Musk’s space transportation...

US to endorse $1.9bn to replace Huawei, ZTE telecom equipment

The US lawmakers are expected to endorse $1.9 billion for funding an initiative to remove telecom network equipment that the US government claims to...

Tesla’s life-saving feature for kids await regulatory clearance

Tesla has requested clearance from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to market an interactive short-range motion sensing device that could help prevent children from...
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