Twitter confirms it’s testing an ‘undo tweet’ feature

By Ashika Rajan, Trainee Reporter
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US-based microblogging and social media service Twitter is expected to unveil a “undo tweet” feature which very well could be a paid feature for its users.

Ms. Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, and tech blogger discovered a subscription screen tied to the feature.

The ability to undo tweets was also listed in a survey asking Twitter users what features they’d pay for, as well as in the app’s code. American media website CNET had received confirmation from Twitter that the feature is being tested.

It’s uncertain when the feature will be widely available, but it’s understandable why Twitter would reserve the feature for its potential subscription service by offering an option for its users to undo the wrongs.

Twitter, for one, hasn’t said if the feature would be restricted to paying users, it’s likely the decision hasn’t been taken yet because the feature isn’t far enough along in growth. It’s also worth mentioning that the button’s nature indicates it functions in the same way as Gmail’s “undo send” button, which simply waits a few seconds before sending the message.

In other words, it may not be the edit button that people crave, but it can bring you to close (albeit without the part where anyone else will tell you that you’ve made a mistake).

One feature which Twitter can work on is to show if anyone sends an offensive tweet without first reading the warning, allowing them a few more seconds to rethink. It’s difficult to tell if this will improve Twitter’s overall environment, but there is no doubt that such a feature is worth consideration.

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