Are you afraid of acne? Then try to control these food products

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Acne is a common skin condition that affects almost 10 percent of the global population. Many factors contribute to the development of acne, including sebum and keratin production, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, blocked pores, and inflammation.

Acne can even develop as a result of wrong food choices, and it can become a permanent feature of your face. These pimples can leave a mark on your face even after fading away.

There are several food items that are a regular part of your diet that can play a part in acne development.

Dairy Products

Many studies have found a link between milk products and acne severity in teenagers. Dairy products such as cheese, full-fat yogurt, and ice cream are the primary causes of painful pimples in certain people.

According to the health experts, “Cow’s milk contains amino acids that are said to stimulate the liver to produce more IGF-1, which has been linked to the development of acne.”

Diary Products

Lactose intolerance can cause pimples on the face and rashes on the neck in people who consume dairy products. More research is being conducted to determine if there is a specific amount or type of dairy that may aggravate acne.

​Refined foods

Acne is said to be triggered by processed grain foods like bread, white pasta, cereals, and maida noodles. These foods contain a high quantity of carbohydrates that can have a direct impact on your blood sugar levels.

According to the report, people who ate foods with added sugars regularly had a 30 percent higher risk of developing acne, while those who ate pastries and cakes regularly had a 20 percent higher risk.


Do you like to eat chocolates? This may be something that worries you. Eating chocolates too are linked with an increase in breakouts.


Chocolates heavy in cocoa, milk, and sugar can cause your immune system to overreact to bacteria that cause acne. This can further cause more acne and pimples on your face.

A recent study found that acne-prone males who consumed 25 grams of 99 percent dark chocolate daily had an increased number of acne lesions after just two weeks. Another study unveiled that the participants who were given capsules of 100 percent cocoa powder daily had significantly more acne lesions after one week compared to those given a placebo.

Omega-6 fats

If you already have acne-prone skin, you need to stay away from foods containing Omega-6 fats. Soybean, corn flakes, sunflower oil, and nuts will be high among these foods.

These foods are inflammatory and can cause your skin to flare up. These can lead to more oil production in your skin and further cause painful pimples.

According to the experts, the imbalance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids pushes the body into an inflammatory state, which may worsen acne severity.

Deep-fried foods

Fried Food

If you suffer from acne, you might have been advised to restrict the intake of deep-fried foods. Rightly so, greasy foods like fries, burgers, and other such food can not only increase your weight but can also leave your skin acne-prone.

One study of over 5,000 Chinese teenagers and young adults found that high-fat diets were associated with a 43 percent increased risk of developing acne. Regularly eating fast food increased the risk by 17 percent. Regular consumption of deep-fried foods can make your skin oily which promotes breakout.

It is probably not necessary to completely avoid all the foods that have been linked to acne but rather consume them in balance with the other nutrient-dense foods such as Probiotics, Green tea, Turmeric, Vitamins A, D, E, and so on. Furthermore, Paleolithic-style diets and Mediterranean-style diets will help to keep your skin clear.

It can be helpful to keep a food log for patterns between the foods you eat and the health of your skin. Moreover, you can also consult with a registered dietitian for more personalized advice.

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