Emirates Payment Services rolls out new contactless mobile app for UAE

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Representatives from Empay participating in the launch event

Emirates Payment Services, an initiative of Dubai Economy, has launched Empay which is the first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem in the world to provide an instant line of credit for a variety of services.

The Emirates Payment Services unveiled the “super app” stating that it is the region’s first “tap to pay” mobile payment solution which is built for UAE citizens that assures safe and cashless transactions. Empay, built and developed within the Smart Government program system of the UAE, offers various payment methods for individuals to use according to their requirements for convenience and lifestyle. The app allows people to use immediate and paperless credit facilities in minutes without going to a branch or filling out forms.

Empay officials said, “Empay is a culmination of government and private sector service payments including a wide variety of payments and lifestyle services such as Dubai Economic Department License Renewal, all types of bill payments, food ordering from restaurants, education fee payments, international remittance, peer-to-peer micropayments and much more.”

Users can download the application from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and register in just two minutes and avail a digital card powered by a Mastercard within the app. The next-gen mobile solution is designed to revolutionize the consumer experience by allowing them to conveniently, efficiently, intelligently and safely perform their financial transactions.

Empay opens an exciting future of cashless transactions, acting as a revolutionary forum for everyone in this fast-evolving digital payment industry, said Muna Al Qassab, chief executive officer at The Emirates Payment Services. The payment solution intends to be the complete payment solution for all UAE residents.

Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim
Chairman & MD

“Right from your morning coffee to paying for your taxi ride to large business-related license renewals, users need just one single app — Empay. In addition to this, Empay will provide instant credit facility to people, who need funds for making various payments without having to visit any bank and complete formalities and paperwork. The new payment solution will contribute towards acceleration of the nation’s on-going transformation into the most advanced and connected digital marketplace in the world.”

Ms. Muna Al Qassab further added that the purpose of the application is to give residents a single platform to make their day-to-day payments without the need to have multiple applications for different payment requirements on their mobile phones.

Gigi George Koshy, deputy CEO and chief product officer of Empay said, “Empay is a highly evolved mobile application, which provides the user with a comprehensive range of services making it the only lifestyle payment app one would ever need. It is the ecosystem that moves with you wherever you go for your payment needs.”

Girish Nanda, Country Manager, UAE and Oman, Mastercard said, “Flexibility, security and convenience underpin this new initiative which will undoubtedly simplify the lives of UAE residents. With a holistic range of lifestyle services available, the development of Empay is a milestone moment in the country’s transformation into a fully cashless society.”