Extensive usage of sleeping pills can even kill you; Expert warns

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Sleeping Pill
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Abu Dhabi’s National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) has cautioned about the dangers of long-term use of sleeping pills and sedative medications as total dependence on this causes addiction and even death.

The center emphasized that these medications must be used in a restricted way to control the effects of certain health conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, and tension disorders. The health complications due to excessive usage are dangerous for vital body systems and may be fatal in some conditions.

Taking them for long periods can cause dangerous heart and circulatory system complications, which can even lead to death.

The use of some types of sleeping pills can cause long-term damage to the esophagus, according to research conducted in the US. Another study warned that sedative and hypnotic addiction occurred due to the excessive use of medication could lead to seizures, heart attacks, and dangerous bodily complications.

Sleeping Pills

The sleeping pills are only available with an approved prescription as it comes under controlled medicines, at that point of time the patient begins to search for other sources such as consulting a doctor for the pain medicines or using websites to buy them. This stage is called drug tolerance, which is the beginning of addiction.

The center has suggested some alternative methods to tackle the issue and, they are turning off the lights while sleeping, avoiding stimulants and products containing caffeine, avoiding fatty meals at night and adjusting the body’s biological clock by allocating a certain time to sleep.

Moreover, if a patient is suffering from severe insomnia or anxiety they must consult the physician to get about the available treatment options and drug alternatives as well as need to follow their instructions.