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5 signs that you may be overwhelmed and need a break

The past year has been complicated for many people in a number of ways. Too many things to handle, too many obligations with work,...

Extensive usage of sleeping pills can even kill you; Expert warns

Abu Dhabi’s National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) has cautioned about the dangers of long-term use of sleeping pills and sedative medications as total dependence on...

What you eat during the day may keep you awake all...

Just like having a good diet and regular exercise, a sound sleep also has a significant role in keeping us healthy. With the coronavirus...

Bid adieu to sleepless nights with these acupressure techniques

Do sleepless nights bother you? Do you suffer from insomnia? Yes, it is possible to save yourselves from this sleepless condition. Insomnia is a common...
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IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2024

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