Heading Out? Make sure you are doing it safely.

As public places open up with restrictions in Dubai, let’s take a quick look at what is expected of you in the new normal.

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Shopping malls and other public businesses started functioning at a 100% capacity from Wednesday in Dubai in an effort to reopen the economy. Though things seem to be getting back to normal gradually, everyone is expected to follow strict precautionary measures as they step out to any of these places. The authorities are imposing strict fines to anyone found not adhering to these regulations. So to keep ourselves safe and to avoid these fines, here is a quick list of do’s you need to keep in mind.

Wearing masks, sanitizing hands frequently and maintaining social distance are the most common and easiest do’s we can follow. So stick to this ritual at all these places.

At Gyms

Have you been dying to get out of your home and work out? Well, the gyms are back in business and can function at a 50% capacity. Take care of these things when you visit:

  • Use your gym’s app to book your time slot for the workout in advance.
  • Wear masks while entering and leaving the gym.
  • Cooperate for your temperature check at the entrance
  • You can remove masks while exercising.
  • Carry your own sweat towel and water bottles
  • Wipe down your machine with antibacterial wipes after you are done

Each person will be allotted 1 to 1.5 hours to work out. The gym authorities are expected to sanitize the floors, walls and machines after frequently and hence, will be closed for 15 to 30 minutes after each slot.

At Restaurants

We have all missed dining out at our favorite restaurants and the great food they had to offer. Now that restaurants are open but can only seat 50% of its capacity at a time, ensure that you:

  • Make a reservation beforehand
  • On being seated you can remove your mask, but cover them in a tissue and place it in your bag.
  • Do not place them on any surface in the restaurant.
  • Do not expect to be served a buffet or shisha.
  • Expect to be served on single-use cutlery and plastic cups.

At the Cinemas

The Cinemas are reopening and strict measures have to be adhered here too. The things you need to remember before heading to the cinemas are:

  • Buy your tickets online and choose contactless payments
  • Children below 12 years and elders above 60 years will not be permitted inside
  • Social distancing of 2 meters is a norm inside the theater too.
  • Provisions have been made for couples or a family of maximum four members to sit next to each other.
  • Otherwise, seats directly adjacent and in rows below and above should be left vacant.
    You will be served on disposable cutlery inside the cinemas.
  • There are lesser showtimes as the rest of the time will be utilized for sanitization.
  • At drive-in cinemas, you are expected to stay inside your vehicle and step out only to use restrooms.

The staff at the Cinemas will also wear masks and gloves at all times and their temperatures will be checked regularly. The restrooms will be cleaned after every use.

At Hospitals

Though it is advised to avoid visiting hospitals, in unavoidable circumstances please ensure that you:

  • Take an appointment before visiting the Out Patient Department (OPD)
  • Wear gloves, masks, sanitize you hands and maintain social distance
  • Avoid visiting other patients
  • Expect a 20-minute gap in ENT or dental for the place to be completely sanitized after each procedure
  • Cooperate with the hospital staff for thermal scanning and other directions.

Hospitals are expected to constantly sanitize areas including Reception, Operation Theatre, Elevators and more. Doctors will wear the full PPE kit. After the thermal screening, anyone found with a high temperature will be taken to a separate entrance so that there is no mixing of patients.

Hospitals have also assigned a separate wing for COVID-19 patients for their treatment and other procedures like surgery. They are served on disposable cutlery. Waste and linen in hospitals for COVID-19 patients will be collected separately and carefully sanitized.