Qatari Ministry inducts new set of eco-friendly hybrid cars into service

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality, represented by the Department of Mechanical Equipment of the Public Services Affairs Sector, has provided a number of departments and municipalities with a set of new rented environmentally friendly ‘hybrid’ cars that help to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Sherida Sultan Al Rumaihi, Director of Mechanical Equipment, confirmed that the Ministry of Municipality has begun the first step of integrating new hybrid vehicles into operation for the first time.

The hybrid car contains two engines, one running on gasoline and the other on electricity, where the two engines work alternately to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Sherida Sultan Al Rumaihi
Sherida Sultan Al Rumaihi
Dept of Mechanical Equipment

“1,226 new environmentally friendly cars will be added during the coming period of various types in accordance with the requirements of the ministry, noting that the first batch has already been received, which is 129 buses to transport the ministry’s employees and workers, including 57 buses from Karwa company operating with the Euro 5 engines, which is distinguished by its use of sulfate-free fuel that reduces carbon emissions harmful to the environment. Moreover, the Department of Mechanical Equipment is working to distribute these cars to the relevant municipalities and departments during the current month as a first stage after completing the procedures for registering them in the ministry’s electronic system and installing the “woqody” chips on them.”

This step is part of the Department of Mechanical Equipment’s plan to develop and modernize the Ministry of Municipality’s fleet by providing the latest cars to municipalities and concerned departments, improving services, raising the quality of ministry work, and providing environmentally friendly cars that help to reduce pollution.

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