Saudi Arabia rated the best country for women among the Arab nations

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
Saudi Women
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The survey report from one of the world’s leading business magazines, CEOWORLD has ranked Saudi Arabia as the best country for women among the Arab countries with a global ranking of 89. Oman (91st position) and Jordan (96th position) took the second and third spots among the Arabian countries.

The UAE with a global ranking of 100, was ranked 4th in the Arab world. Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain were the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th in the Arab world and grabbed the 107th, 111th, 117th, 124th and 128th spots respectively.

Globally, Sweden is the best country for women and is followed by Denmark and the Netherlands. Most Scandinavian nations are doing well on the list by ensuring a better environment for women to thrive. The report related these rankings to the Global Happiness Index as most top countries in this list also have a high happiness index.

Around 256,700 women from various countries were surveyed to develop the report. The attributes based on which the rankings were decided are gender equality, percentage of legislative seats held by women, sense of security (females 15 years and older who report feeling safe while walking alone at night), income equality, care about human rights, women empowerment, average years of education among women, women age 25 and older who are engaged in paid work, and women’s inclusion in society.

The report suggests that even though women are able to participate in and feel more secure in their societies, the progress is very slow especially in third world countries. According to the data, almost half of the world’s population is still living in suppression or fear. Even some developed countries are not able to provide a secure environment for its women.