Saudi Pavilion concludes Expo 2020 Dubai participation with top honors

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Saudi Pavilion
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion has secured two major achievements at the BIE Day Awards at Expo 2020 Dubai, marking the culmination of its participation in the global event.

Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion was awarded Gold for Self-Built Pavilion in the ‘Architecture and Landscape’ category and it also secured the ‘Best Innovation that Drives Mobility award’ from The UAE Innovates Awards, for its inclined lifts.

Standing as a self-contained, prismatic volume, Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai embodies the determined nature of the Kingdom. The beautifully crafted structure rises from the ground towards the sky, symbolizing a firmly grounded nation with unlimited ambitions, while the simplicity of its lines and its construction quality attest to a society that values beauty in the essence of things. 

The pavilion is a point of attraction that sparks the interest of visitors to explore further. The cantilevered structure, reaching towards the sky, generates a vast shaded public plaza where all visitors can rest, learn about Saudi Arabia and engage together in interactive games. 

Above the square, the building’s facade opens like a large window into the future while its mirrored surface reflects the present. This welcoming gesture opens to a path that leads visitors through the content displayed in the various exhibition areas. The entire building also forms a communication device with all facades covered by LED screens displaying contents in the shape of short messages and brief audiovisual presentations.

The landscape of Saudi Arabia is also present in the Kingdom’s Pavilion through two suspended gardens, populated by indigenous plants, creating shelter for cool underground resting areas, including dining and retail spaces.

The prestigious BIE Award (Bureau International des Expositions) and the UAE Innovates Award were received only weeks after the Saudi Arabia Pavilion scored the US-based Exhibitor Magazine’s Best XL Pavilion award along with two Honourable Mentions for Best Exterior Design and Best Exhibit/Display.

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