Spectacular; ‘Riyadh Season’ Festival grabs 4 Guinness World Records

By Salma C, Intern Reporter
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LEGO Brick car
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Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority’s (GEA) ‘Riyadh Season’ entertainment program, has earned four special Guinness World Records, through a variety of entertainment activities such as games, exhibitions, and concerts.

As per the reports, the records include 100 songs recorded using hologram technology, and the season also set a world record by displaying the largest model of a Formula 1 car using a half-million Lego cubes at the Riyadh Motor Show.

Danish toy production company LEGO conducted the assembling process of the model with certified experts and specialists which took around a week. Representatives of Guinness World Records participated in the assembly process with a live video broadcast, noting that a new record has been achieved as the world’s largest record and officially certified.

Since launching its events, Riyadh Season has hosted 11 million visitors including tourists from 125 countries. The number of visitors totaled 11,000,875, including more than 1 million international visitors, 1.6 million+ visitors from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and 8.3 million visitors from inside Riyadh, where international visitors belonged to more than 125 countries, including 8,227 tourists from Russia, 7,332 from Canada, 8,815 from France and 20,014 from the UK, where the US topped the countries with 22,532 visitors. This is in addition to 1,255 participating companies and generating a total of 150,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Riyadh Season’s giant slide in Boulevard won two world records, being the longest in the world, in addition to having the highest number of tracks of its kind in the field of games.

The highest point of the giant slide stands at 22,136 meters, and its length is estimated at 117 meters, with 56.5 meters in width, and 24 tracks. The tracks which for adults and children, vary according to their design, some of which are straight tracks, others zigzag-shaped in wavy forms.

The Riyadh Season festival is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, under the motto #Imagine_more. Its events are held on an area of around 5.4 million square meters and include 14 entertainment areas across Riyadh, which are, Boulevard Riyadh City, Via Riyadh, Combat Field, AL Atheriyah, Riyadh Oasis, The Groves, Winter Wonderland, Riyadh Front, AlMurabaa, Nabd alRiyadh, Riyadh Safari, AlSalam Tree, Khalooha, and Qariat Zaman.

This season’s events comprised of more than 7,500 event days, 10 international exhibitions, 350+ theater shows, more than 70 coffee shops, 200 restaurants, e-games tournaments and more than 100 interactive experiences, in addition to an exhibition and auction for international cars.

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