UAE’s TDRA unveils feature to display caller identity of private companies

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Desk Reporter
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UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has announced that the feature of displaying the name of the calling entity from private sector companies in the UAE will be officially and gradually implemented in the coming period.

The “Kashif” initiative, which displays the caller’s ID, notifies customers about the caller’s ID even if the caller’s contact information is not saved on the phone.

This feature, developed in collaboration with service providers, intends to eliminate anonymous calls received by customers by providing the caller’s details to the recipient before the call is answered.

TDRA indicated that “it has issued legislation related to this feature, as part of the development system aimed at enhancing customers’ confidence in calls received from private sector companies, thus, reducing the inconvenience caused by anonymous calls.”

Saif Bin Ghelaita
Saif Bin Ghelaita
Technology Development Affairs

“TDRA, based on the directives of the wise leadership, launches and implements initiatives aimed at enhancing customers’ confidence in the telecommunications sector services. Accordingly, we launched this feature that enables customers to identify the names of the calling parties, which allows them to decide whether they would like to answer the call. Moreover, it gives them a kind of reassurance when receiving the call and talking to the caller.”

“TDRA chose to implement this feature after reviewing a number of projects and best practices, and worked during the testing period in cooperation with the service providers to identify solutions to technical challenges, and to make modifications to the service provider networks to fully activate the new feature,” Mr. Ghelaita further added.

In May, TDRA began a test implementation of this feature in the banking sector, making it the first in the region to do so. “This feature will be applied to all private sector companies during 2022, and it will include fixed and mobile numbers registered under private sector companies,” as per the statement.

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