Watch world’s first 100% electric boat fly over water

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Candela Seven Image
Candela Seven is the first of its kind speedboat that can fly over the waves to offer a smooth ride

The world’s first electric hydrofoil speed boat has made its debut in the lakes of Switzerland.

Candela Seven boasts of lesser noise and energy consumption compared to other. What’s more, this super boat can fly above the waves.

The first of its kind flying electric boats are designed by the Swedish electric boat company Candela in partnership with the yachting specialist Denison Yachting.

Candela Seven comes with a kind of wings attached below called the hydrofoils, which is not unlike a drop keel or aerofoils in airplanes. When the boat reaches a certain speed, the wings are opened and the speed boat “takes off”, according to the makers.

The hydrofoils reduce the effect of waves slamming into the boat and water friction – which will cut energy consumption by 80 percent compared to normal diesel-powered boats and extending the range of the vessel to 90 km (56 miles).

Candela is the first electric boat to use low-resistance and significantly reduced friction to give a smooth sail.

The video shows why hydrofoil electric boats are the future:

It can reach a speed of up to 55 km/h when its foils are lifted out of the water. Its manufacturers claim that it sails farther and easier than other electric boats.

Until now, electric boats have had to compromise on either speed or range due to the limited capacity of their batteries.

The path-breaking boat is made of carbon fiber and also equipped with an on-board computer. It is this computer that automatically adjusts the position of the hydrofoil 100 times per second to reduce rolling.

If you have $296,000 to spare, you can lay your hands on these sleek electric vessels. Makers of the boat say that people can use them to ride around lakes or for guilt-free day trips if you’re environmentally conscious and have fun at the same time.

For in-depth understanding and additional technical specifications, visit Candella’s official website.