YouTube introduces new money-making feature ‘Super Thanks’ to attract more video creators

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Super Thanks
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Google-owned online video platform YouTube has launched a new feature called Super Thanks that allows video creators to earn money from their followers, as part of its effort to attract more content creators.

According to the reports, this new feature is the fourth option for YouTubers to make money from their viewers and it comes as rival platforms like short-form video app TikTok and Facebook’s Instagram are investing heavily to court creators filming viral videos.

The company said in a statement that the Super Thanks is available for purchase at four price points ranging from $2 to $50 as a means for fans to express gratitude and support their favorite YouTube channels.

Neal Mohan
Neal Mohan
Chief Product Officer

“For creators, building a business isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Some may gravitate towards tools like channel memberships while others may double down on Super Chat. At YouTube, we’re always looking for fresh ways creators can diversify their revenue streams. That’s why I’m excited to unveil our fourth Paid Digital Good — Super Thanks. This new feature gives creators yet another way to earn money while also allowing them to strengthen relationships with viewers. Since launching Super Chat in 2017 and Super Stickers in 2019, creators from around the globe have wanted us to bring this magic beyond live streams and Premieres to video uploads. Enter Super Thanks! Fans watching YouTube videos can now purchase Super Thanks to express their gratitude and show support.”

A highlighted comment will display in the comment section after purchase on a video page, allowing the creator to respond to the fan’s gift with a comment. As per the company, thousands of creators in 68 countries have access to the tool, which will soon be expanded to all qualifying creators in YouTube’s partner program.

The company stated that “fans have been able to pay for unique material through channel memberships.” Viewers who pay for Super Chats can have their remarks pinned to the top of the comment section on a live-streamed YouTube video.

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