9 in 10 employees want remote work option post-COVID-19

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Work from Home
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According to a recent survey by the American technology firm Cisco systems, about nine out of ten workers want the option to choose between work from home or office and freedom over their working hours once COVID-19 restrictions ease. 

With the emergence of the pandemic, there arose a rapid shift in attitudes towards work from home concept and now two-thirds of workers have started to recognize both the benefits and drawbacks of working remotely, the research revealed.

Although only 5 percent who participated in the survey worked from home most of the time before the lockdown, now 87 percent of workers want the option to choose where, how and when they can work by balancing between office-based work and working remotely.

Cisco Vice President Gordon Thomson who always valued effective communication and collaboration highly, says that the companies must consider restructuring their working system to meet the new demands of employees.

Mr. Thomson further added that the companies could rely on various technologies including monitoring heat and lighting for those working from home, implementation of social distancing measures or to ensure if masks are worn at office. This can ensure the safety and security of both the employees and data in any of the working environments, either at home or in the office, he added

“It’s not just about connecting people anymore, it’s about the experience you deliver to people as they are connected. We are investing far more in the analytical piece that goes behind the connectivity,” he stated in an interview.

Cisco conducted the survey among 10,000 people across 12 markets in Europe, the Middle East and Russia for its Workforce of the Future research.