A burger coated in 24k gold! This is what a Colombia restaurant is offering in its platter

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Oro Mccoy
Oro Mccoy is a brioche burger coated in 24k gold.

One of the most popular and common fast foods in the world, burger a tasty sandwich with a cooked patty enveloped between buns along with cheese and other condiments.

If we take the menu of burgers from around the world, we can choose from a huge variety, including patties made of beef, chicken, veggie, black bean, bison, wild salmon along with different kinds of cheese, pickles, sauces and many more. But, have you ever tried out a gold plated burger? If not, a restaurant in Colombia can offer you this delicious experience.

As per recent reports a restaurant in Colombia, South America has turned the world’s favorite food item into luxurious cuisine, by adding a dash of gold. The restaurant is offering a 24-karat burger to woo customers.

The restaurant named Toro Mccoy is located in the capital city of Bogota and has turned the world’s most popular fast food item into a luxurious dish. The burger named as ‘Oro Mccoy’ was introduced in November by the eatery and it comes covered with a layer of pure 24-karat gold.

Oro Mccoy
The 24k gold coated burger has double meat, caramelized bacon and double cheese.

The restaurant has advertised the burger in their menu by describing it as, “a brioche burger bathed in 24-karat Gold with double meat, caramelized bacon and double cheese.” The restaurant claims that the gold used for the coating is of the purest form.

Maria Paula, a chef at the restaurant, in a conversation with a local media mentioned that the burger is initially made and then the gold film is put on it, which is the tricky part as it can be damaged if it sticks on the finger. The way it has to be put on the burger is also crucial as the gold foil can get spoiled that way as well.

While a normal burger at the restaurant costs merely $11, the gold plated one is available for roughly $57 which converts to a whopping 200,000 Colombian Pesos.