ADDED launches ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ campaign to prompt shoppers buy local

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Made In Abu Dhabi
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Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has launched the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ campaign to promote products manufactured in the emirate in order to boost their competitiveness and encourage consumers to buy local.

ADDED has organized a virtual workshop to coordinate with the producers in which a number of sales outlet representatives and manufacturers who own industrial establishments in Abu Dhabi participated.

In addition, the campaign also allows manufacturers to display the approved campaign logo on their products. During the workshop, the producers were shown a presentation to guide them on how to use the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ logo, whose design was inspired by the new ‘Sheikh Zayed’ font, an Arabic font inspired by the handwriting of the founding father.

Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa
Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa

“The campaign provides all manufacturers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi with the opportunity to display their products on the official page of the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ on Instagram, which we launched as part of our strategy, and which aims to enhance the reputation of national products within the local market, followed by regional and global markets.”

The campaign is in line with ADDED’s constant efforts to support national manufacturers and to motivate them to expand their businesses and investments within the various sectors of industrial and agricultural production, including SMEs, which will help to attract more regional investors and thus boost entrepreneurship in the emirate.

The ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ initiative targets to boost national products under a unified brand following ADDED’s efforts to achieve sustainable economic development and attain self-sufficiency in basic goods by supporting locally made products.

Mr. Al Shorafa further highlighted the cooperation involved in implementing the campaign with ADDED’s strategic partners from governmental and semi-governmental entities as well as the private sector, including the launch of further initiatives and programs to attract more investments to the industrial sector.

ADDED’s partners also shared their insights to consolidate efforts to boost the status of locally made products and encourage manufacturers to improve their investments and expand their businesses across more facilities in order to achieve further growth.

The workshop organized by ADDED also had a detailed explanation of the concept and objectives of the ‘Made in Abu Dhabi’ initiative and its promotional campaign.