Apple’s AirTags to get new feature to prevent unwarranted tracking

By Ashika Rajan, Trainee Reporter
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Apple AirTags
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American multinational technology company Apple is introducing new features to its AirTags that will help prevent ie being used for unwarranted tracking, according to reports.

Apple released AirTags earlier this year and cited privacy and security as core features of the device. However, there were serious worries about location tags tracking people without their knowledge.

According to the media website CNET, the company has confirmed that it’s adjusting its approach to its AirTags sensors and it will change the time it takes for AirTags to play an alarm when it is removed from its owner.

This software update will ensure that no one else will be able to use an AirTag to track another individual without the other party realizing it.

The company is also developing a feature that will warn users when an unexpected AirTag or Find My network-enabled device is in the area.

When the device is removed from its original owner, Apple’s new update will reduce the time it takes for the device to issue alerts. This will be useful if the device is being used to track someone else.

The AirTags used to play an alert in three days once it was separated from its original owner. The duration has been reduced, and the device will now play alerts at random times within an eight-to-24-hour window. Users will no longer have to wait three days to find out the same.

Apple is also working on an app for Android devices that will allow users to “detect” an AirTag to Find My network-enabled device that may be on them without their knowledge. This will help in the prevention of unwarranted tracking.

This feature is already built into iPhones. Later this year, the Android app is expected to be released.

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