Bored of those rigid diet and hectic exercise? Get some sunlight to lose your weight

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Vitamin D
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Shedding those extra kilos is one of the biggest tasks most of us face today. In our hustle to lose weight, we sometimes end up doing some crazy things that even don’t have any benefit.

Over the years, scientists have conducted several studies to find effective methods or substances that would aid in our weight loss journey and one such nutrient is vitamin D.

In our daily life, we all might have heard about several benefits of vitamin D, from helping to lift our mood, boosting immunity to maintaining skin and bone health. Another such benefit of this nutrient is that it helps in weight loss. 

Vitamin D is sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” as our body produces this nutrient naturally when it directly comes in contact with sunlight. When skin is exposed to the UV rays, it starts changing the cholesterol present in the body to vitamin D. We can also get it through certain foods and supplements.

Vitamin-D rich food includes mushrooms, dairy products, okra, soybeans, spinach, fishes like sardines and salmon.

According to a study by the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, it was proven that sunlight shrinks fat cells and can aid in weight loss. When our skin penetrates the blue-light wavelength and it reaches the fat present under the skin, lipid droplets shrink and are released out of the cell. 

In simple words, sunlight helps to get rid of all the extra fat of the body. The deficiency of this nutrient is also linked to obesity. This can also be established by the fact that people gain more weight in winters due to weaker UV rays.

Getting vitamin D in winters

As sunlight is the major source of vitamin D, getting a sufficient amount of this nutrient is easier in summers, but in winters it is quite complex. First, the sunlight is not that strong in the cold climate and secondly, due to chilly weather most people like to stay indoors. 

But if you are somebody trying to lose weight then make sure to spend some extra time outdoors and get some sunshine vitamin even during winter to speed up your weight loss process. If getting enough sunlight is not possible then you can include more vitamin D rich foods in your diet like mushrooms, dairy products, okra, soybeans, spinach, fishes like sardines and salmon. One can also try supplements after consulting with the doctor.

Vitamin-D supplement
One can also take Vitamin-D supplements after consulting with the doctor.

How long you must stay outdoors

Experts suggest that regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D. To maintain healthy blood levels, one must aim to get 10–30 minutes of midday sunlight, several times per week. People with darker skin may need a little more than this. But in winters one needs to spend 1 or 2 hours to get the recommended amount of the nutrient.

There are several factors that can affect a person’s ability to make vitamin D from sunlight like the time of day, skin color, how far the person lives from the equator, how much skin is exposed to sunlight and if wearing sunscreen. The best time to get sunlight is in the morning 10 am -11 am and in the afternoon between 1 pm-3 pm.

Too much exposure to sunlight

Multiple studies have proven that sunlight is important for health, but spending too much time can also have some harmful effects. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to skin diseases like cancer. So, it is always recommended to apply some sunscreen when stepping outside.