Dubai Chamber attracts key players at Gig Economy Industry Workshop

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Dubai Chamber for Digital economy workshop
Image Courtesy; WAM

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, one of the three chambers operating under Dubai Chambers, has organized a high-level Gig Economy Industry Workshop, designed to bring key players, investors and related parties together to discuss the future of this nascent sector.

The workshop, held at Dubai Chambers headquarters, included a lively roundtable session, where attendees discussed four main topics, regulations, funding, talent and infrastructure, with a chance to discuss their ideas, challenges and opportunities.

Omar Sultan Al Olama_Gig Economy Industry Workshop
Omar Sultan Al Olama
UAE Minister of State for AI, Digital Economy & Remote Work Applications

“The UAE government is keen to ensure the business keeps abreast of the ever-evolving market and the Gig Economy as an essential part of the digital economy ecosystem we are developing and building in the UAE. Some 50 percent of global freelance workers today are providing skilled work like computer programming, counseling, IT work and marketing. I am sure we will follow this exponential growth right here in the UAE. The Gig Economy seems to be growing every day, further cementing Dubai’s position as a global destination for talent, expertise and competence.”

Mr. Sultan Al Olama said that “Talent is crucial, and the Gig Economy needs skilled people for it to ensure sustainable growth as well as collaborating with the private sector to design a roadmap to enhance the sector’s growth and competitiveness.”

The workshop is part of a series of similar workshop events the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy conducts on a regular basis. The aim is to bring together industry leaders to connect and share insights into current and future trends impacting a specific digital industry sector, in addition to the various ways of support the Chamber offers to foster partnerships and solutions that drive the private sector’s growth in the digital era.

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