Expo 2020 site will become a smart city to test new technologies post-event

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
District 2020
The expo site will be renamed into District 2020 and it will revamped once the world fair ends in 2022.

The most anticipated event in UAE, the Expo 2020’s site in Dubai will be transformed into a smart city, to foster testing of the latest technologies, once the world fair ends in 2022.

The 438-hectare spread expo site will be renamed District 2020 and the event venue will be revamped into a permanent residential, cultural, business and technology powerhouse.

For rolling out this massive project the expo authority has collaborated with a Germany-based technology company, Siemens and the partnership has already commenced working on a blueprint for remodeling the enormous expo site.

The organizers have already released a video of the expo site which shows a closeup visual of the exhibition areas, metro stations and green parks.

“District 2020 aspires to become a testbed for new technologies and innovations. We can anticipate certain requirements and adapt our infrastructure to address those needs as we are doing right now in the development of District 2020,” Nadimeh Mehra, vice president of the District 2020 transition unit stated.

Ms. Mehra further added that the remodeling process will bring digitalization to develop a human-centric city that did not isolate its residents.

The authority is working with Siemens for prioritizing technology to be implemented which would help to bring the projected infrastructure and technology requirements for smart building, traffic, and parking systems that were energy efficient.

The German tech company has previously stated that it would create a global logistics headquarters in District 2020 within the Dubai South area to support its airport, cargo and ports operations.

Ms. Mehra states that there is a huge response from other companies to join with the expo authority in building District 2020 and such solution-oriented partnerships will definitely bring innovation.

District 2020 authorities have a plan to create ‘Urban Lab’, space developed to help the innovators and start-ups to test ideas and products before taking it into the real market.

“We have the opportunity of developing a sub-city within Dubai that has this remarkable digital infrastructure,” Ms. Mehra said.

After the World Fair ends in 2022, 80 percent of the Expo site will be revamped and some of its signature structures will be preserved, including the main Al Wasl plaza and Terra, a children’s science center and Dubai Exhibition Centre.

Siemens said it was keen to be part of the country’s vision that would connect 137 buildings using innovative technology to improve sustainability.

The company is also building a “digital twin” of the Expo site where all data would be analyzed and used to make informed decisions.

Oliver Kraft
Oliver Kraft
Executive Vice President

“Together with Expo 2020 Dubai and District 2020, we are co-creating a blueprint for future smart cities. Data is the raw material surrounding us and it’s also what can turn a district or campus into a smart city. I truly believe that District 2020 will be the ecosystem that fosters collaboration and drives innovation.”

Mr. Kraft stated that the prime focus of District 2020 would be on safety, security, quality of life and sustainability.