International Residency & Citizenship Expo returns to Abu Dhabi

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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International Residency and Citizenship Expo
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The International Residency & Citizenship Expo returns to Abu Dhabi with the goal of spotlighting the various opportunities for citizenship and residency across the globe. 

The event, to be held at Conrad Etihad Towers, Dome Exhibitions on 7 and 8 October will bring together government agencies, authorized consultants, authorized agencies, legal entities, property developers, consultants, and all other related organizations.

The conference will include events that will promote citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs, under which several nations provide citizenship and residency in exchange for a sizable investment in the nation.

A growing number of investors are leaving their home countries in order to take advantage of visa-free travel, financial security, and protection from political and economic uncertainty, personal independence, and the opportunity to explore a variety of global markets. These reasons are contributing to the rapid growth of the immigration-based investment.

The International Residency and Citizenship Expo 2022 will host more than 50 exhibitors from 30 countries showcasing more than 60 programs and projects that will highlight the advantages of obtaining international citizenship.

The possibility of gaining dual citizenship, which has advantages including visa-free travel, financial security, and personal freedom, will also be presented to attendees. The Expo will provide knowledge on the selection criteria necessary for the best citizenship and residence chance.

By determining the variety of alternatives provided by other nations, the platform is dedicated to facilitating dual citizenship opportunities for the expatriate community. Currently, there are many residency programs, such as the Golden Visa program, that are becoming more well-known due to advantages including visa-free travel, access to international markets, and prospects for a good education. Purchasing real estate has emerged as one of the most well-liked methods for getting a Golden Visa.

One of COVID-19’s beneficial side effects is citizenship by investment, which gives people a way to live permanently overseas in freedom.

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