Khalifa Fund launches online platform to buy & sell franchises for businesses

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) has unveiled Franchise UAE, an online portal developed in collaboration with a leading franchise company, Francorp.

Serving as a comprehensive platform for all franchise-related services, Franchise UAE aims to facilitate inbound and outbound franchising, simplifying the process of buying and selling franchises for businesses. The portal also offers valuable support services for both franchisors and franchisees in Abu Dhabi.

Franchise UAE caters to existing local businesses seeking franchise development and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to invest in established business concepts. It comprises two main streams: one stream assists businesses in the buying and selling process of a franchise, while the other encompasses two phases. Phase 1 includes a franchisability quiz, FRA Survey & Quiz, and FRA Audit Report, while phase 2 offers the Franchise Development Program. This comprehensive service enables businesses to launch sales and marketing campaigns, establish comprehensive franchise programs, and effectively recruit, train, and support franchisees.

Alia Al Mazrouei_Khalifa Fund launches Franchise UAE
H.E. Alia Al Mazrouei
CEO – Khalifa Fund

“The launch of Franchise UAE is a crucial milestone in the growth and development of franchising in Abu Dhabi. The platform will play a pivotal role in promoting inbound and outbound franchising and provide essential support to businesses seeking expansion through franchising. We are delighted to partner with Francorp on this initiative and are confident that Franchise UAE will serve as a valuable resource for businesses in Abu Dhabi.”

The esteemed project partner for Franchise UAE is Francorp, a renowned global franchise consulting firm with over 40 years of experience. The Franchise Development Program is available in three iterations, The Partial Development Program, The Basic Program, and The Full Program. These programs offer a range of services, including strategic planning, program structuring, legal franchise documentation, franchise operations support, and franchise marketing services.

Mr. Imad Charaf Eddine, Chairman and CEO of Francorp Middle East, said that “Franchise UAE is a new initiative that aims to support local SMEs and entrepreneurs in their expansion and growth plans. Serving as a bespoke portal to help brands develop their franchise and recruit quality franchisees, Franchise UAE provides comprehensive franchise-related services, including buying and selling franchises, assessing franchisability, and accessing a 360-degree ecosystem with value-added services.”

“These services, supported by vetted suppliers offering special pricing, aim to enhance the success and growth potential of local SMEs. Educational support, such as franchise management and sales training, will also be available. Franchise UAE will provide business owners with franchise development programs tailored to their specific requirements. With the support of the Khalifa Fund, the Franchise UAE platform will become an all-encompassing tool, the first of its kind, empowering local SMEs for success,” Mr. Eddine added.

Franchise UAE marks a significant addition to the Khalifa Fund’s efforts to support and nurture SMEs in Abu Dhabi. With its extensive range of services and strategic partnerships, Franchise UAE is set to become a go-to resource for businesses aiming to expand through franchising.

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