Microsoft extends free Teams training to instructors across the country.

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Microsoft is teaming up with its regional partners to give academic institutions in Saudi Arabia free half-day training in Teams to support them effectively use the technology and enable more seamless remote learning within the country.

This initiative aims to make this transition easier for academia and give them a head start to adopt and deploy remote learning with confidence.

Thamer Alharbi, President – Microsoft Arabia

“Education is key to helping people build a better life through the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that increases one’s chances of obtaining high quality jobs and opening up a sea of opportunities that might not have been available before.

Mr. Alharbi added: “And now, the move to remote learning has made maintaining a high standard of education more important than it’s ever been.”

“This initiative forms part of our commitment as Microsoft, with the help of our partners, to empower every student and educator to achieve and become more, as well as our promise to act as an enabler for the development of the region.”

Microsoft will be beginning this initiative with C-Telecoms, COMM-IT, Sahara Net, Jawraa, Future Nas, and Al-Mayssan Technical Services. These partners have offered their time to help schools and teachers with training on Teams deployment and infrastructure, user training and support services, while also sharing best practices.

Microsoft’s education solutions, such as Teams, enable students to learn wherever they are and whenever they need to. Not only can content and assignments be obtained online, but students and teachers are able to socialize in real-time using these tools.

Any academic institution will be able to register for the free training online and thereafter will be able to select a partner from which they would like to receive training.

Their details will then be sent to the partner who will coordinate a date and time to conduct the training session. Additionally, any Microsoft partner will be able to volunteer via the website or by reaching out to Microsoft to help drive training.

“Both educators and students need all the support they can to enable an engaging and connected learning environment while at home. Microsoft and our partners want to ensure that they have all the tools and resources needed to create collaborative classrooms when remote learning so as to encourage development and growth,” Mr. Alharbi added.


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