Nissan KSA changes to digital with the launch of new services

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Image Courtesy: Nissan KSA website

Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., usually shortened to Nissan has completely shifted its Saudi Arabian operations to digital, launching many online services to present a constant customer experience during these challenging times.

One such service is the new online car ordering service through its authorized dealer in the Kingdom, Petromin Nissan, to empower customers to buy a new Nissan car and have it transported to their doorstep free of charge.

Nissan Saudi Arabia has also made the experience engaging with its website more streamlined, thanks to its new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot service, which serves customers to find what they are looking for quickly and answers their questions.

Bader El Houssami, MD, Nissan KSA

“Our customers and employees remain our top priority during the current lockdown. Nissan Saudi Arabia is continuously at the frontier of innovation, as we strive to serve our customers and support our dealers and employees by utilizing digital platforms.”

“We fully encourage people to stay at home and follow the guidance of the Kingdom’s wise leadership as they steer us to safety from this pandemic, and we at Nissan KSA will be here to support every individual with all of their vehicle needs safely from the comfort of their homes,”

Nissan KSA is the first automotive company in the Kingdom to provide an AI chatbot service on its website. By conforming to the current situation with this new digital service, Nissan Saudi Arabia will be capable to serve its customers around-the-clock. The interactive AI chatbot service, called Kaito, generates a seamless digital experience for customers when browsing the KSA website.

Visitors can choose which language to conduct the chat in and can even choose from a variety of key phrases to find what they are looking for. The AI chatbot efficiently provides customers with answers to their queries and guides them to their chosen section on the website.

Customers can easily browse vehicles and offers, find showrooms, submit requests for test drives, quotes and more through the new AI chatbot service.

Nissan KSA’s customer-centric approach is also apparent with its new online car ordering service through Petromin Nissan. Customers can visit the Nissan KSA or Petromin Nissan websites and submit a request for their preferred car.

Nissan’s sales consultant will reach out within 24 hours to discuss the request’s details and will share a price quotation with payment instructions. Once that process is complete, the company will deliver the brand-new Nissan car to the customer’s doorstep in the Kingdom, free of charge.

People are at the heart of Nissan Saudi Arabia, and this is the main driver for Nissan Saudi Arabia’s new online dealer training platform, Nissan Academy. Nissan dealer personnel are an integral part of business success, and the company recognizes the need to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience for them while they work from home.

“The company has taken the initiative to launch a fully digital platform that can be accessed through a website or can be downloaded as an application. The E-learning platform provides access to various technical courses and classes, also with language options to choose from.”

Nissan KSA is also working on a new E-commerce virtual experience for its customers, under which several new elements further enhance the customer experience digitally. More details will be provided on this service as the new e-commerce platform will be launching soon on its website.


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