SCAD: Abu Dhabi’s Non-Oil Foreign Trade Hit $10 Billion in January & February

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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According to the latest reports from Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre (SCAD), The value of non-oil foreign commodities trade through Abu Dhabi ports hit Dh 37.1 billion ($10.09 billion) in January and February, up by 3.6 percent from Dh 35.8 billion during the similar period last year.

SCAD noted that imports rose by 12.5 percent from Dh 17.11 billion to Dh 19.25 billion during the reference period and re-exports decreased from Dh 8.8 billion to Dh 7.81 billion in the reference period.

Saudi Arabia continued to be the key trade associate of Abu Dhabi during the reference period with two-way trade value standing at Dh 8.531 billion, accounting for 23 percent of the emirate’s total trade in the reference period.

The US came in second place with Dh 2.4 billion, followed by the UK at Dh 1.8 billion and then Japan at Dh 1.74 billion.


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