5 signs that you may be overwhelmed and need a break

By Ashika Rajan, Trainee Reporter
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The past year has been complicated for many people in a number of ways. Too many things to handle, too many obligations with work, family to engage to. 

Ms. Sharana Jhangiani Head of Community Nua remarks that our minds are too busy to take care of ourselves.

“Our minds are always working. From balancing work-life boundaries to migrating to online learning for school children, putting up with a global health scare, running errands to deal with uncertainties about the future,” the Nua Community Head stated.

“Endless noise on digital media and exposure to too much information also occupies our mind when it is meant to rest. Such commotion and overwork often obstruct our mind to process; emotions and feelings, incidents, day-to-day workings, leading to fatigue and burnout,” Ms. Jhangiani added.

Ms. Jhangiani has shared five tell-tale signs, certain cues to know when the mind is overwhelmed and deserves a break has to go slow.

Change in Eating Habits 

An increase in an eating disorder is a common source of mental stress and weariness. If you find yourself turning to food for comfort or power, it’s likely due to physiological stress caused by a nonstop lifestyle. One resounding sign is that your eating habits are off: you’re eating when you’re not hungry or not eating when you are.


Do you ever find yourself lying in bed, unable to get your mind to rest and relax? Have you ever been tempted to move your legs while lying down? Do you find yourself rushing from one task to the next without pausing to think? Perhaps it’s because you’ve been rushing from pillar to post without stopping to rest. To control anxiety, incorporate exercise and meditation into your daily routine.

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Lack of motivation

Do not neglect it if your daily job and schedules tend to be drudgery and you have to drag yourself to maintain a workout or a healthy eating routine. Excessive stress will leave you feeling physically and mentally drained, even after having plenty of sleep.

Low immunity

Stress is a leading cause of insomnia and frequent sickness, and it has a negative effect on the immune system. The body’s capacity to combat pathogens and diseases is harmed by a lack of sleep and relaxation. As a consequence, if you get sick regularly, it could be a sign that your mental and physical health is failing you.

Low concentration

Although it’s natural to have off days and days of mild forgetfulness, struggling to focus on a regular basis is a sign that you need to slow down. Forgetting where you put your keys, rereading the same lines to make sense, or being easily distracted are all signs that you need to take action. Reflect, reassess, and realign the speed by taking a step back. Meditation and proper breathing are useful and should be included on the everyday good habits list.

Ms. Sharana Jhangiani suggests that “we must listen to our body, it always tells us when to hit the pause button, recharge, and rewind. Regular restful breaks, taking me-time, pampering yourself with nutritious food, and taking a digital detox are some ways we can nurture and take care of ourselves.”

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