Sharjah reveals updated travel guidelines for arrivals and departures from ports

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Sharjah City
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Sharjah’s Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Committee has published updated guidelines and rules for arrivals as well as departures through its port as the emirate steps up its effort to normalize all activities in various sectors. 

Authorities will now allow all citizens and residents to travel through its ports with caution to travelers of being aware of the epidemiological or COVID-19 situation of the places they are traveling to. The body instructs all travelers to ensure that they have the necessary travel insurance cover to meet all expenses coronavirus treatment and mandated isolation.

Travelers to Sharjah 

All travelers to Sharjah are expected to have a negative COVID-19 test conducted not earlier than 96 hours before they arrive at any port in the emirate. Irrespective of their negative status on the submitted COVID-19 test result, all visitors will have to undergo another COVID-19 test once they arrive at the ports.

Self-Quarantine and Isolation 

All travelers are expected to be in self-quarantine at their residence until they receive a negative COVID-19 result from the authorities for tests they had taken on arrival at the emirate.

If the individual is found positive for COVID-19 they will have to medical isolation of 14 days with the cost of treatment and isolation being borne by the traveler or their sponsor. Non-compliance with any restrictions in place will attract strict legal action and penalties.

Return of Residents 

All Sharjah residents with valid residency visas are allowed to return to the emirate without the requirement for any prior permission from the authorities. Similar to any other arrival, residence too will have to carry a negative PCR or COVID-19 test result which is not obtained earlier than 96 hours before the date of travel. As usual, in case of a positive result in the test conducted once they arrive at the ports, all expenses will have to borne by travelers or their sponsors.

Departures from Sharjah Ports

The emirate will allow all its citizens and residents along with citizens and residents of other emirates to travel abroad through its ports in compliance with the travel guidelines and procedures of the visiting countries.

A mandatory negative COVID-19 test is required which is not taken earlier than 96 hours before the date of travel. Authorities insist flyers to having a international health insurance which will cover their expenses for treatment and isolation which might be required at the visiting country.

Tourists to Sharjah 

Sharjah will allow tourists to the emirate as long as all the requirements for entry are met. Incoming tourists are expected to have nternational health insurance and a negative PCR test report conducted not more than four days before their date of travel. They will also have to go through mandatory PCR test upon arrival at Sharjah ports.

All tourists will also have to fill a health disclosure revealing all medical symptoms and underlying conditions. They will have to self-quarantine at their hotel or place of residence until the results of the PCR test.

UAE citizens will have to download the Al Hosn app.