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Misinformation; Twitter to ban ads that disagree with climate change

Global microblogging and social networking platform Twitter is all set to ban advertisements from individuals and organizations who renounce the scientific consensus on climate...

Twitter tests a new feature to enable users report misleading tweets

The American micro-blogging platform Twitter has announced the testing of a new feature to allow users to flag tweets that could contain misinformation. "We're testing...

Google will let users know when its search results are unreliable

The technology giant Google has started warning users when they search for a topic that is likely to have poor results, as part of...

Only a small group of users are spreading vaccine doubts: Facebook

The American social media giant Facebook’s research has found that a small group of users are responsible for bringing up conversations that raise suspicions...

Apple chief criticizes social media for misinformation; Tightens clash with Facebook

The Chief Executive Officer of US-based Apple, Tim Cook, criticized polarization and misinformation on social media, intensifying a conflict between the iPhone maker and...

Facebook to directly alert users who engage with COVID-19 misinformation

The US-based social media behemoth Facebook is up with a new measure to control the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19 and to alert...
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