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YouTube to warn users before posting comments suspected as offensive

In an attempt to restrict disrespectful commentary on its platform, tech giant Google is set to introduce a new feature that will notify users...

Google looks to convert YouTube into e-commerce hub

The world’s largest video streaming site YouTube is planning to introduce an eCommerce facility into its platform as pandemic has created a dip in...

Youtube reveals TikTok rival “Shorts” in India

American online video-sharing platform Youtube which has been reportedly working on a TikTok rival has revealed that it is ready to introduce its new...

Google battles Australia’s proposal for antitrust laws

Internet giant Google has expressed its disagreement with the proposed Australian antitrust laws claiming that its free search service would be "at risk." They warned...

Google bans 2500 Youtube channels with Chinese affiliations

In an effort to remove disinformation on the video-sharing platform, global tech giant Google has reportedly banned 2,500 YouTube channels with affiliations to China.  The...

Google to erase user history in 18 Months; Changes new user...

Global search giant, Google claims that its updated settings will automatically erase any location data after 18 months for new users and make it...

Apple and YouTube pledge $100 million in funds for colored community

Tech Gaints Apple Inc and Youtube will spend $100 million each for initiatives to support the community of color. While the iPhone maker will...
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