UAE SMEs should keenly assess their cyber security plans in 2022: Real Secure

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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A majority of the UAE SME sector with legacy systems don’t engage in regular IT audits, making them extremely vulnerable to spammers and ransomware attacks, one of UAE’s leading mission-critical security and tech infrastructure services providers, Real Secure stresses while strongly underlined the significant nature of cyber security for SMEs in 2022. 


A constantly-evolving form of malware, Ransomware is devised to encrypt files on a device, making any files and the systems that rely on them unusable. Perpetrators behind the act then demand ransom in exchange for the decryption.

According to Singapore-based blockchain data provider and analyst Chainalysis, the total amount of ransom paid by victims in 2020 reached close to $350 million worth of cryptocurrency, a 311 percent increase compared with the previous year.

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Rateesh Mohan
Founder & MD
Real Secure

“According to UAE Ministry of Economy, the SMEs sector represents more than 94 percent of the total number of companies operating in the country and employs more than 86 percent of the private sector’s workforce. A robust technology framework is a backbone for any company, especially in this tech-dependent business eco-system. We strongly believe that SMEs are the bedrock of any economy, and it contributes significantly to the country’s GDP, and they need to be protected from such potent threats.”

“Real Secure being a cybersecurity company, we take all the necessary steps to protect organizations from such attacks which cause downtime and heavy financial loss. We have provided security solutions and assessments to large organizations, and we aim to provide the same level of expertise and security focus to the SME sector through our managed services business,” the Real Secure Founder, MD further added.

Numerous security-critical industry sectors such as banking and finance, real estate, property management, investment, government sector, healthcare, petro-chemical along with many others have chosen Real Secure for its services.

Speaking about the services provided by Real Secure, Mr. Mohan remarked that “Our managed services division currently supports companies, mostly SMEs in the UAE with its IT infrastructure, as some of them don’t have the budget to have a full-scale IT department. Furthermore, we understand the criticality of security in today’s technology landscape, and all our solutions are developed keeping this key factor in mind. We ensure security is at the forefront of any project that we embark upon and is integrated into everything that we do including developing new applications, cyber security, implementing physical security solutions such as CCTV, or deploying pre-existing solutions.”

“Ransomware actors often target and threaten to sell or leak exfiltrated data or authentication information. Hackers take advantage of security weak spots to steal sensitive data or lock files. Companies need to take cybersecurity seriously and invest in it with adequate resources. Secondly, there needs to be more highly educated cybersecurity experts ready to address the menace of ransomware attacks that organizations are currently facing,” Mr. Mohan observed.

The Real Secure Founder stated that “Cyberthreats became the major threat for businesses where many businesses had to shut down globally due to lack of proper cybersecurity systems in place. We are also working with logistics companies 24/7 to make sure that their organization is secured, and their services can go uninterrupted.”

Real Secure 

Dubai-based Real Secure works with SMEs across various other verticals including healthcare, hospitality, logistics, and construction among several others where the company weaves a strong cybersecurity network, protects the organization’s tech infrastructure and data.

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