UAE’s luxury hypercar maker W Motors enters into Metaverse & Web3 space

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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W Motors, the leading manufacturer of Luxury Hypercars in the Middle East, has entered into the Metaverse and Web3 space in partnership with Tokengate, a Switzerland-based marketplace for buying and selling tokens.

With Tokengate as a crucial partner, the company will become one of the first car manufacturers to use the Metaverse and create a pioneering immersive, innovative, and inclusive experience around their hypercars.

W Motors will establish itself as a precursor in the industry by redefining and bringing a whole new dimension to the automotive experience. This step represents the beginning of an extensive W Motors Metaverse Experience program, which will embed W Motors into the digital world.

It will launch the HyperWolves NFTs, representing the spirit animal of the W Motors cars, the Wolf. The unique collection of 10,000 “HyperWolves” NFT Profile Pictures will serve as a gateway for the W Motors Metaverse and digital roadmap.

Ralph Debbas
Ralph Debbas
CEO – W Motors

“This is an exciting time for our brand as we unveil our move into the Metaverse. We are staking a claim to the Metaverse space as the first step in our digital web3 journey and we aim to offer a range of fascinating digital content for our customers. We will push the boundaries and create ground-breaking enhanced and exclusive digital experiences to elevate their membership in the W Motors universe.”

The W Motors Metaverse will constitute a hub where like-minded members can come together as part of a digital community, offering users a digitally native update to the age-old experience of designing cars, building models, and playing racing games.

NFT holders will be awarded a virtual car designed by W Motors. The car will be selected from a series of exclusive, rare, and never-seen-before hypercars, including 110 Fenyr SuperSport and 7 Lykan HyperSport models, from which the latter were featured in the Fast and Furious 7 blockbuster movie.

HyperWolves owners will eventually be able to customize their hypercars and integrate them into the web3 blockchain games. At a later stage, W Motors is planning to create its own metaverse and game for NFT holders.

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