UAE’s VERTECO to distribute smart washroom solutions of Swiss-based Smixin

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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VERTECO, a Dubai-based leading specialist in water conservation solutions, smart washroom technologies and water management, has been appointed as the official distributor of the Smixin handwashing system.

Smixin is the brainchild of Swiss inventor Mr. Elmar Mock, co-inventor of the Swatch watch. The innovative system is designed to solve not only global water shortage challenges but also public hygiene concerns, by recognizing the significant water-saving potential of handwashing, which is performed multiple times a day.

The mobile, fully automatic station makes hand washing accessible to everyone, wherever and whenever it is needed. From the counters in food courts and hotel buffets to school playgrounds and busy airport terminals, the free-standing system can be conveniently located in crowded places, promoting health and sustainability, and helping the business achieve environmentally and cost efficiencies at the same time.

David King
David King

“We are delighted to offer Smixin products to local businesses and to be a part of a handwashing revolution that has already had a profound effect on sustainability and improving hand hygiene within facilities around the world. Post-COVID we are more aware than ever of the importance of hand washing, and by offering such a simple, yet effective solution that aligns with our sustainable ethos, we hope to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the region’s people.”

VERTECO, known as the sustainability pioneer in the region, has an award-winning portfolio of water management technologies and smart washroom sensor-driven 3D IoT solutions. The adoption of the Smixin system will power VERTECO’s product fleet aiming to promote responsible behaviors and lower the UAE’s collective water footprint.

In line with VERTECO’s water-saving solutions, the Smixin system guarantees the most ecological usage of water, soap and paper for any hand washing. With pre-set parameters, consumption of water, soap and paper towels is regulated by 60 percent, meaning only 0.2 liters of water is used, a saving of 90 percent water compared to the average hand wash.

Mr. James Fortier, Business Development Ambassador, APAC & Middle East, Smixin, commented that “In the Middle East, one of the most water scarce regions in the world, reducing water consumption is crucial. Our systems are designed to significantly contribute to this environmental aim. But as well as focusing on limiting the impact hand washing has on the environment, we are also committed to promoting the importance of hand hygiene and making hand washing, a basic necessity, accessible to as many people, in as many places as possible. We are thrilled to partner with VERTECO to distribute our products in the region and to help us achieve a company goal of saving 10 billion liters of water by the end of 2022.”

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