Abu Dhabi’s Tadweer to set up new facility to treat fallen stock

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) is planning to build a dedicated facility to manage fallen stock collected from farms and ranches in the emirates and its suburbs.

Fallen stock is any animal that has died of natural causes or disease on a farm or that has been killed on a farm for reasons other than human consumption.

The move is part of the Centre’s ongoing efforts to establish the necessary infrastructure and long-term solutions for the safe and long-term disposal of trash in accordance with the most up-to-date international standards.

The facility, which has a capacity of 2,000 kg per hour, will process deceased animals gathered by Tadweer from farms and ranches across Abu Dhabi following environmental regulations.

Dr. Salim Al Kaabi
Dr. Salim Al Kaabi
Director General

“The establishment of a new facility for the treatment of fallen stock and related waste in Abu Dhabi articulates Tadweer’s continued efforts towards ensuring environmental sustainability in Abu Dhabi. At Tadweer, we aim to develop dedicated facilities for managing and treating various types of the waste following the highest environmental standards. This will allow us to keep pace with the surging waste volumes and promote sustainable development in the emirate. In response to the challenges facing the waste sector, Tadweer is working towards expediting the implementation of its strategic projects in Abu Dhabi to support the Government’s efforts towards building an integrated waste management system, while protecting the environment from all sources of pollution.”

Tadweer provides collection locations for fallen stock near farms and ranches in various regions of the emirate to assure their easy collection on daily basis. The Centre’s fallen stock treatment facility burns this waste at temperatures of up to 800 – 900 C in line with local and international environmental standards

“The new facility will operate according to the latest international practices to ensure the safe disposal of dead animals and preserve the aesthetic appeal of the Emirate. In parallel, the Centre will continue its efforts to promote proper waste handling practices among farm owners and workers and to educate them about the importance of following our instructions regarding the safe collection of farm and ranch waste including fallen stock. This will support our objectives of protecting the public health and environment in Abu Dhabi,” Dr. Al Kaabi added.

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