Clubhouse unveils ‘Music Mode’ for better audio quality

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Desk Reporter
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The popular voice-based social networking app, Clubhouse has introduced a new Music Mode that could make it a better place to play and listen to live music.

The company stated that the new feature would optimize an audio broadcast for live music and produce high-quality stereo sound. The users will also be able to use professional audio equipment like USB microphones or mixing boards.

According to the reports, the improvements will carry over to clips, which are snippets from performers during a live performance. Music Mode will initially only be available on iOS, but Clubhouse assures that it will be available for Android users soon.

“To enable the new mode, tap the three-dots on the top right corner and choose Audio Quality from the menu. Then you need to tap on Music to enable the new mode,” as per the company.

Furthermore, Clubhouse has updated its search feature in addition to Music Mode. The company says it has made several improvements to the code for better performance and moved the search bar to the top of the hallway for easier access.

The user will also be able to Wave to friends directly from the search bar, which is a function that allows the user to instantly invite friends to a live audio room.

Recently, Clubhouse unveiled a bunch of new features, which include Clips, Replay, Universal Search, and spatial audio for Android. The launch of these new features will help Clubhouse to expand its reach by making content available even after a live conversation has ended, enabling asynchronous engagement.

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