DDoS service provider, Qrator Labs launches global CDN for UAE customers

By Arya M Nair, Intern Reporter
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DDoS Attack_Qrator launches CDN Service in UAE
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Qrator Labs, a Distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation service provider and an expert in the Continuous Availability of Internet resources, has launched a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for customers in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

The expansion of Qrator Labs’ coverage and infrastructure in the UAE will provide companies in the region with a scalable CDN service that accelerates website performance and delivery of media files to end users.

Qrator.CDN service provides up to 10 times faster loading of websites, especially those with large amounts of content, with an average response time of just five milliseconds. The system is easily scalable on demand without additional investment and is protected against DDoS attacks. It is especially important for web resources designed for a constant 24×7 load.

“Our global content delivery service will provide high availability and speed of web resources even during peak loads, which directly affects websites positions in search results, attendance and conversion,” Mr. Alexander Lyamin, the founder of Qrator Labs

Content is distributed among cache servers worldwide and delivered from the closest point to the user. As a result, web resources’ reliability, fault tolerance and protection against surges in traffic rise. The service is primarily aimed at video- and audio-content providers, online media outlets, educational portals and e-shops as they need to provide an uninterrupted transfer of rich content.

The UAE technology market is experiencing rapid growth. Online services are launched en masse, new companies enter the region and develop their infrastructure here, and traffic is constantly increasing. In 2012 the number of Internet users in the country was 7.05 million, and by 2022 it has reached 9.94 million, almost 100 percent of the population.

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