Google adds ‘About this Result’ panel to show more information on a search

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Google Search Result
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Google, the global search engine giant is adding ‘About this Result’ panel with information about the factors that went into rating a page in search results.

The feature allows users when viewing an About this Result panel, “three dots next to most results”, more information about the results they’re seeing to help them figure out which one might be most useful. It was announced back at its Input/Output (I/O) annual developer conference in May.

To Search Engine Optimization (SEOs), the feature offers unique insight into which ranking factors went into surfacing a certain page for a specific query. When a user searches with key words, they could see why a page was ranked for that query underneath the “Your search & this result” title.

Google’s search engine considers a number of distinct factors when displaying results for any particular query. While it may appear complicated, Google stated in a blog post that some of these core principles are quite simple and might be helpful for individuals to understand when they begin searching.

Google surfaces specific pages based on the matching words in the query, related terms, the same language as the submitted query, searcher’s location. in addition to this the updated About this Result panel also displays information about inbound links.

The new panel will “also highlight useful search tips to assist Google in better understanding” what users are looking for. The panel will display search tactics or parameters that can be used to improve search results.

This feature is now available to 10 percent of eligible users and will progressively expand to 100 percent. The expanded panels are available in English in the U.S. to start, with plans for a wider rollout in the coming months.

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