GPS embedded ‘Evil Eye’ Amulet to be uncovered at GITEX 2021 by Trackimo

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Evil Eye Amulet Tracker
Trackimo's Evil Eye Amulet Tracker

One of the leading IoTaaS (Internet of Things as a Service) solution providers in the world, US-based Trackimo is all set to unveil its unique ‘Evil Eye’ amulet with embedded GPS tracking technology during GITEX 2021.

Numerous cultures across the globe have carried the traditional belief for centuries that a person in possession of evil eye amulets and pendants is protected. Trackimo has taken this thought forward by infusing technology into the amulet and transform it into a seamless tracking device to protect the owner of the product.

This smart device uses four types of tracking technology to ensure independent and precise real-time global location – Cellular, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Shai Bar-Lavi Image
Shai Bar-Lavi
CEO – Trackimo

“We believe in bringing creative and innovative tracking devices and products to the Middle East and Africa region. The Evil Eye GPS is a small and lightweight personal tracker that can be attached to almost anything using its keyring attachment – whether it be a loved one or precious valuables. With a meaningful design that represents exactly what it does, the Evil Eye GPS serves as an amulet that brings over 3000 years of tradition into the 21st century with the power of IoT. This is one way to keep a watchful eye to protect your loved ones and most precious valuables discreetly.”

With Trackimo’s unique embedded tracking technology, the location can be updated as frequently as needed or tracked in real-time using Trackimo’s dedicated app or web platform.

The product is filled with innovative features such as customizable safe-zones that send out alerts when breached, 5-year location history, speed monitoring and alerts, in addition to a dedicated SOS button that sends out the location signal when prompted and many more.

“The Evil-Eye GPS revolutionizes the way we look at personal trackers. Its discreet design blends in as a charm and provides the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are always safe,” Mr. Shai further added.

New York-based Trackimo develops the world’s most compact and cost-effective tracking devices. The company provides customizable and affordable consumer IoT services as well as enterprise IoT solutions, designed to be tailored to every business’ unique requirement.

“Trackimo develops leading end-to-end ‘IoT as a Service’ (IoTaaS) solutions that allow people and businesses to stay connected to each other and to their belongings. The company’s advanced proprietary technology is backed by its range of tracking devices that are equipped with a unique chipset supporting an all-in-one 2G/3G/4G/Cat-M1 (fallback) as well as Wi-Fi and BLE connection that can carry any SIM card,” stated Mr. Amit Shaked, Chief Operating Officer, Trackimo.

The company’s technology enables tracking people, pets, luggage, shipments, drones, motorcycles, boats, cars, or remote-controlled objects possible on a real-time basis.

Trackimo’s technology is trusted by the world’s leading organizations and has brought forward collaborations including the Vodafone Curve, a personal tracker that was launched in 2020. This product recently won the Glomo Award for Best Connected Consumer Device at MWC Barcelona; as well as the Vodafone Business Tag and Track mobile asset tracking service.

Hosted between October 17th and 21st of October at the Dubai World Trade Centre, GITEX Technology Week brings together buyers from the world’s largest tech buyers in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia to test and collaborate with game-changing innovations from niche startups and global tech giants.

“Further notable launches among other unique products at GITEX 2021 includes our recently announced NickWatch with media giant ViacomCBS – the first connected smartwatch for children featuring content from Nickelodeon’s favorite characters scheduled to be available in early 2022,” concluded Mr. Amit.

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