Influence of Veganism will aid growth of travel & tourism sector; GlobalData

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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UK-based leading data and analytics company, GlobalData has revealed that veganism has traditionally been associated with both the consumer and retail industries but its popularity in the tourism industry is increasing day by day.

Vegan-friendly tours, excursions, and digital travel apps are becoming more common as a way for travel companies to draw environmentally focused customers. Greater personalization is seen as critical as companies across the travel and tourism spectrum work to rebound from the negative effects of COVID-19. As a result, accommodating all types of travelers, including vegans, will become increasingly important in the future of travel.

Johanna Bonhill-Smith
Johanna Bonhill-Smith
Research Analyst

“A common objective across the entire travel and tourism sector is to deliver a ‘seamless’ traveler experience for each customer along every touchpoint, on an individualized, trip-by-trip basis. Vegan travelers can often encounter problems ranging from where to stay to a lack of suitable meal choices. Language barriers and cultural differences can often exacerbate these problems. This creates an opportunity where personalized recommendations are lacking and catering for a growing vegan consumer base could soon be a key differentiator.”

Unique apps like Veg Visits and Air Vegan identified as key innovators have emerged to support vegan tourism. The Veg Visits is a Vegan home-sharing platform providing individuals with ‘vegan hosts’ over 80 different countries. And, the Air Vegan rates how vegan-friendly an airport is, giving travelers insights into the best Vegan food spots within it.

Ms. Bonhill-Smith said, “The view that a vegan diet reflects a more sustainable form of lifestyle is gaining increased traction and is no longer considered a market niche. In a GlobalData survey conducted in December 2020, 76 percent of over 5,700 global respondents identified they were influenced by how ethical/environmentally friendly/socially responsible the product/service is.”

According to GlobalData’s findings, the travelers’ views are shifting, and many may opt for more environmentally friendly options, such as going vegan.

“Servicing a traveler’s every need is going to be critical in post-pandemic recovery to both restore confidence and ensure satisfaction. With a greater level of satisfaction, there is, in turn, a higher chance to attract loyal customers – a promising prospect in light of COVID-19 and the detrimental losses it has inflicted on company revenues. As travel companies aspire to personalize each individual’s experience, ‘veganism’ should be an area to be acknowledged and acted upon, not ignored across the tourism sector,” concluded Ms. Bonhill-Smith.

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