Keep your diabetes at bay with these seven foods

By Anju T K, Intern Reporter
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During COVID outbreaks, eating healthily has been a top priority for all of us, and the main disease that we really want to manage is diabetes, considering the hazards it poses to the infection.

While people with diabetes must constantly evaluate their circumstances and take prescribed medications, physicians believe that dietary modifications can help people manage their blood sugar levels.

Some foods are naturally beneficial to maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and treating diabetes. If you are diabetic or have prediabetes, here is a list of foods you should include in your diet.


Studies showed that eating almonds twice a day can assist improve glucose metabolism and keep cholesterol levels in balance. The study found that eating almonds can lower blood sugar levels in people who are pre-diabetic, potentially preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes.

Furthermore, when compared to the control group, almond consumption reduced total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol while maintaining “good” HDL-cholesterol levels, according to the study. The study included 275 people with impaired glucose metabolism (59 men and 216 women) (prediabetes).

Green Leafy Vegetables

Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are all present in green leafy vegetables. Blood sugar levels can be maintained by eating vegetables including spinach, kale, cabbage, and broccoli. Drinking vegetable juices is also beneficial, as are raw or mildly boiled salads, which retain all of the nutrients.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruit, and lemons are examples of citrus fruits that contain anti-diabetic properties. Citrus fruits provide vitamins and minerals without adding extra carbohydrates to the diet. Oranges have anti-diabetic properties due to antioxidants like hesperidin and naringin. Vitamin C and potassium are abundant in citrus fruits.


Antioxidants, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals are abundant in berries such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. They have a low glycemic index while remaining sweet, making them ideal for diabetics.


Methi is high in fiber and aids in the reduction of metabolic symptoms linked with Type 2 diabetes. It also slows digestion, which decreases blood sugar levels.

Bitter Gourd

It is a vegetable that has been traditionally used for therapeutic purposes to prevent a quick surge in blood sugar and to help with glycemic management.


According to a new study, consuming millets lowers the chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes and aids in the management of blood glucose levels in diabetics. As a preventive measure, the study suggests that appropriate millets meals might be designed for diabetic and pre-diabetes patients as well as non-diabetic people.

The study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, which drew on data from 11 nations, found that diabetic persons who ate millets as part of their daily diet had their blood glucose levels drop 12-15 percent (fasting and post-meal), and their blood glucose levels fell from diabetic to pre-diabetes.

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