Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure with Marihub launches ‘Blue Pass’ project

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Blue Pass project launched
Image Courtesy: WAM

The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI), in collaboration with Marihub, has launched the ‘Blue Pass’ transformational project, which aims to build a cluster of local and international maritime organizations, helping them exchange their services. 

The project will enhance the competitiveness of the national maritime sector and promote the UAE’s position as one of the world’s leading maritime hubs. The Blue Pass project will create quality packages of privileges and facilities that will increase the national maritime sector’s attractiveness to foreign investors. This will provide additional value to maritime companies operating in the UAE as well as commercial ships that visit its ports.

This project is one of the transformational projects outlined in the Federal Government Performance Agreements for 2022. These performance agreements represent quality projects that will propel the UAE toward a better future and promote its competitiveness. The transformational projects are characterized by their significant impact across all sectors within short periods, ensuring the implementation of the new government work methodology of the UAE Government.

This transformational project supports the UAE government’s efforts to accelerate the achievement of the interconnected and technologically advanced infrastructure pillar of the ‘We The UAE 2031’ vision. This requires more quality efforts to contribute to achieving government aspirations and positively reflect on society and the various sectors of the country. The project will be a major supporter in making the UAE the global hub for the new knowledge and data-based economy in the next ten years.

Through its state-of-the-art online portal and smart app, the project also aims to create a unified database of maritime companies and commercial ships operating in the ports and the territorial waters of the UAE. Yachts and recreational vessels will also be listed in the database. They will be able to offer their services transparently and seamlessly to all platform members. The project will use e-commerce to provide supplies and support services at competitive prices. It will translate into discounts, quality incentives, special offers, and competitive privileges.

Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei_Blue Pass Project launched
Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei
Energy & Infrastructure

“The UAE has been a frontrunner in several global competitiveness indicators in the maritime sector. We are confident that the Blue Pass project will contribute to enhancing the UAE’s maritime reputation. Our destiny is to connect the world and be its top maritime hub. We are keen to enhance the sustainability of the maritime sector and reward all companies and ships that adopt green practices, so that the project becomes an incentive for building a cleaner maritime sector.”

HE Al Mazrouei pointed out that this partnership complements several initiatives that seek to increase the contribution of the maritime sector to the UAE’s GDP, which is currently estimated at $24.5 annually. The aim is to make the UAE’s blue economy a major pillar of its national economy.

Captain Karim El-Najjar, Founder and Director of Marihub said that “The UAE is unique in fostering creativity and it considers innovation a major component within its government processes. The maritime sector receives a great deal of attention from the decision-makers to transform it from a model based on routine transactions into a smart sector. They want it to take advantage of the power of data and information to add value to the industry. Since the inception of Marihub, we have seen the great opportunity of unifying all the actors in the sector, building a unified digital base to serve companies and facilitate immediate access to them. It also enables easy entry and participation in the UAE blue economy and highlights promising investment opportunities for those wishing to do business in the maritime sector.”

Mr. Al-Najjar added that “The project will take marine services to a new level, creating new rules for buying and selling, exchanging benefits and negotiating for incentives and facilities in the maritime sector. We believe that this model will become a unique success story for the maritime sector in the UAE. Many countries across the world are keen to replicate this model and learn from the UAE’s expertise.”

The Blue Pass project is complemented by many other high-quality projects and initiatives that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure launched. These include the UAE Maritime Cluster initiative and the Maritime Network, which aim to build a global network of professionals and experts. The vision is to enhance the competitiveness of the UAE’s maritime sector and market it globally, making use of the strong presence of international maritime companies in the UAE.

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