More Saudi women than men visited entertainment facilities: GaStat Report

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Saudi Arabia
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The latest figures released by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) reveal a very interesting fact that Saudi women outnumbered men in visiting entertainment facilities and destinations in the Kingdom. 

The GaStat figures show that close to 65 percent of women above the age of 15 and 63 percent of men visited entertainment and recreational facilities and destinations in the country during the last three months.

The report also shared some vital indices of activities in the Kingdom’s cultural and recreational sectors.

Statistics show that Saudis prefer to read online editions of newspapers and magazines rather than their print editions. However, both men and women prefer to read print versions of books than online editions.


The report revealed that 62 percent of Saudi men read books while the readership among women remained low at 54 percent. While 50 percent of men preferred reading print versions, 7 percent favored reading online editions.

When 52 percent of women mainly read print editions, seven percent similarly to men chose online editions over printed versions.


The report showed that around 67 percent of Saudi men read newspapers and magazines while this percentage among women is 51.


Women edged men slightly in television viewing as 97 percent watched television while 96 percent of men also engaged in the activity.


The statistics showed that the number of women who listen to radio programs remained less than half of men as 63 percent of men listened to the radio while only 24 percent of women did it.


The GaStat survey revealed that 92 percent of men and 85 percent of women use the internet while the percentage in the use of computers among men and women is 65 and 43 respectively.

The report pointed out that close to 92 percent of men used smartphones while the figure among women users of smartphones stood at 85 percent.