Volkswagen takes on Tesla: Unveils ID.4 electric SUV

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Volkswagen ID.4
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The German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen’s US subsidiary has unveiled the ID.4 electric sport utility vehicle that is headed for the global market.

The ID.4 combines the battery drive which meets the environmental regulations of Europe and China with the compact SUV design which has attracted many customers away from hatchbacks and sedans.

Volkswagen Vs. Tesla

The pricing strategy of ID.4 is aimed to take on other electric automakers including Elon Musk’s Tesla. But Volkswagen’s driving range is less than Tesla’s Model Y battery-powered compact SUV, which offers more than 300 miles between charges.

The German automaker group is expecting to balance this driving range deficit by offering the ID.4 at a lower price than Tesla’s Model Y. Further, the customers can also enjoy the federal and state electric automobile subsidies for which Tesla is not qualified.


The company says prices start initially at $39,995 initially and will make a gradual price drop to $35,000 once the company begins to build it in the US.

Tesla’s all-electric Model Y is priced at $49,990, the Model X SUV is at $79,990 and its lowest range is Model 3 sedan $37,990. Even though Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced its mission to create lower-cost electric cars at $25,000, it would take 3 years to make it possible.

The ID range has an important role in Volkswagen’s aspiring plan to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles a year by 2025. The ID.4 also marks a major return of the company to the US market after its 2015 scandal over diesel cars.  

Volkswagen aims to widen the interest over electric cars’ beyond early adopters to buyers looking for affordable transportation.

Scott Keough, CEO of Volkswagen in America, says the ID.4 will be the first electric compact SUV to be sold at $35,000 which targets the high-volume segment and the average price range of vehicles in the market.

The ID.4 will be launched in the US by next year beginning, with the company giving a three years free unlimited charging on 470 stations of the Electrify America network. The German automaker is asking its US dealers to invest more in charging stations and other infrastructure to start the online sales of the electric vehicles.

Automobile experts believe that this step is very important for Volkswagen as it is making a shift from traditional engines to more electric vehicles. Moreover, a shift from 18 battery-powered models available in 2018 to 120 by 2025 will provide more options to customers.