Burjeel Holdings & OncoHelix unite to set up new laboratory in Abu Dhabi

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Burjeel Holdings-OncoHelix Partnership
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Burjeel Holdings, the leading healthcare service provider in MENA, has partnered with OncoHelix in order to establish a cutting-edge laboratory in Abu Dhabi to provide advanced molecular genetics, cellular, and immunological profile testing to patients in the UAE.

Through this exclusive agreement, Burjeel Holdings and OncoHelix strive to bring personalized medicine to clinics and hospitals in the UAE.

OncoHelix, based in Western Canada, has the largest breadth of clinically validated comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) panels for cancer in the country.

Mr. John Sunil_Burjeel Holdings_IFEM Endo healthcare partnership
Mr. John Sunil
CEO – Burjeel Holdings

“Burjeel Holdings continues to invest in and establish new partnerships that help promote the expansion of our translational research program and improve patient outcomes. This new venture will utilize the clinical & academic experience of OncoHelix Inc to build a state-of-the-art laboratory, through which we will offer testing services not widely available in the UAE. Through this agreement, we hope to solidify our position as a leading provider of complex care in the UAE and increase our capabilities to serve the country’s growing medical tourism market. Collaborations like these will benefit the UAE as it transforms into a global leader in healthcare.”

The new lab will be divided into two areas. An advanced diagnostic lab arm will focus on offering ground-breaking molecular genetics and immunological profiling tests to assist oncologists and physicians in the diagnosis, risk stratification, and tailored treatment for patients with cancer, genetic diseases, or immune disorders.

The second arm will expand on Burjeel Holdings’ existing translational research program and analyze cancer patients’ genomic and immune signatures to develop innovative approaches for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Faisal Khan, CEO of OncoHelix and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, said that, “We are joining forces with Burjeel Holdings to create a local advanced diagnostic program that will not only aid in the early and accurate diagnosis of malignancies and immunological disorders but also pave the road for newer treatment options guided by disease-specific molecular signatures.”

“The translational research program will investigate the somatic and germline variant landscapes of cancer patients, as well as the immune profile patterns of transplant recipients and donors from the region, to lead the development of precision medicine-based treatment methods,” Mr. Khan added.

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