DEWA’s Moro Hub unveils Geospatial Services to assist Government & Enterprises

By Salma C, Intern Reporter
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Moro Hub
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The global digital hub, Moro Hub, a subsidiary of the Digital DEWA, has launched Geospatial (GIS) services to help government and enterprises in the region to scale their operations and achieve their digital transformation goals.

Moro Hub will provide three types of GIS services, namely, GIS Professional Services to build GIS systems, GIS Managed Services to operate GIS Systems, and GIS Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) through its modern and secured cloud hosted in UAE.

Mohammad bin Sulaiman Image
Mohammad bin Sulaiman
CEO – Moro Hub

“GIS transforms the way cities manage their assets, serve their residents and make community decisions. We at Moro Hub, are committed to offering effective digital solutions that can support government and enterprises to have better access to information that allows more informed decisions while staying on budget when delivering value for their operations.”

Moro Hub GIS Professional Services

Moro Hub GIS Professional Services will develop and implement the GIS Transformation Strategy to improve business processes and address the various challenges facing various organizations. Some key areas include GIS consultancy services, GIS analysis, and GIS development.

GIS Managed Services

GIS Managed Services, on the other hand, will ensure system convenience, authenticity and safety by handling all system health checks, service monitoring, technical support and other routine system administration, while keeping the GIS System always ready to support business needs.

IaaS in Moro Cloud, certified by the Dubai Electronic Security Center, offers regional, secure, dynamic, reliable and cost-effective services to local governments and enterprises.

Moro Hub offers next-generation digital and cloud services, with a commitment to security, compliance, and transformation. Playing an integral role in supporting the digital transformation journey of the Middle East, the government-backed service provider is one of the leading data centers in the region, having certifications from top accreditation bodies.

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